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 Memoriam to Thomas Smith  
Born 6th March 1819 - Lancashire England.
Died 5th September 1896 Penrith NSW
Written by Laura Player
5/91896 - 5/9/1996

100 years ago you slipped away
And left your progeny here to stay
Thornton Hall stands proudly 
In honour of you today 

The hands of time have brought dismay 
But I'll stand fast to prevent decay - 
Protect your old home and have my say 

I remain your servant to keep harm at bay - 
Now at St Mary Magdalene you peacefully lay
Beneath the gum trees that gently sway.

Your loving g-g. granddaughter 
Laura Player - Perth - Western Australia

William Augustus Smith
4th child of Thomas&Jane Smith nee Laimbeer. Born 23-6-1850 Died  8-9-1923
Mary-Ann Clark-Duff (nee Smith) 8th child of Thomas & Jane Smith nee Laimbeer  
Hannah Evans nee Smith 
5th child of Thomas & Jane Smith nee Laimbeer 
Born14-6-1852  Died 5-31881
Hon. Sydney Smith 
7th child of Thomas &  Jane Smith  (nee Laimbeer)
Born 11-4-1856 - Died 21-2-1934
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One of the first photographs of Smiths land, then known as "Smiths Paddock- 
The target in the above  photo ~ was one of our relatives ~ with an apple on his head ~ hopefully the shot was accurate !!!
There was a cleared meadow directly down from Thornton Hall, which was referred to locally as Smith's Paddock but was later officially named Belmore Park. Several historical sporting events took place in Belmore Park with the encouragement and support of Mr Thomas Smith and, later, his son Hon. Sydney Smith.  the site of these firsts, was later renamed Belmore Park later to be the  Penrith International Speedway in 1928. 
 First Lord Sheffield Cricket Match played in Nepean Districts.  (16th & 17th February 1892 between England and Nepean)   Hot Air balloon flight  in the Nepean Districts  (1892) The  first successful cross country aeroplane flight in Australia in September 1911 by William Hart.  The visual links between Thornton Hall, the cricket oval and the remains of the former speedway track are important in maintaining the historical associations of the place. (Criterion A.4 and Criterion H.1). *  See the page on link at top *Sporting History* for an account of these events.
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                             Above:     T.R. Smith (Thomas Richard)  & his family at Penrith.
T.R. Smith was instrumental in the supply of Penrith's first Electricity & Water,  whilst Mayor of Penrith & MLA.
Above:  Thornton Hall c 1945. The last "Smith" family to have resided  at the historic home.
Photos of some of the SMITH children & other descendants are missing. Do you have any to contribute ???
~ Ellen Johnstone Dempsey nee Smith b. 19-8-1846 ~ Eliza Jane Thurston Palmer nee Smith b: 11-9-1848 ~ 
~ John Henry Smith b 13-1-1861 ~ Sylvia Player nee Smith b:29-8-1863 ~
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T.R. (Thomas Richard) Smith 
1st child of Thomas & Jane  Smith  (nee Laimbeer)..
Born 16-9-1844 - Died 23-7-1918
SMITH' S PADDOCK  --  Above  Photo courtesy: Mitchell Library.
Surname: SMITH
Given Name(s): Thomas 
Occupation(s): Hotelkeeper 
Birth Details
Birth Town: Poulton-le-Fylde Thornton
Birth County, Lancashire
Region, Province: Lancashire
Birth Country: England
Birth Date: 6 March 1822
Baptised: 29 March 1822 St Chads Poulton-le-Fylde Thornton Lancashire
FATHER: Richard Smith b: 1776
MOTHER: Ellen Cardwell
Death Details
Death Town: Penrith
Death State/Territory: NSW
Death Country: Australia
Death Date: 5th September 1896 

Immigration Details
Air/Port Landed: Pt Jackson/Sydney
Ship/Plane: Hope
Year Arrived:  between 1839 - 1842. ???
Given Name(s): Jane 

Occupation(s): Home Duties 

Birth Details
Birth Town: Great Torrington
Birth County,
Region, Province: Devonshire
Birth Country: England
Birth Date: 1825 

Death Details
Death Town: Penrith
Death State/Territory: NSW
Death Country: Australia
Death Date: 1899 

Immigration Details
Air/Port Landed: Pt Jackson/Sydney
Ship/Plane: Earl Grey
Year Arrived: 1839 

                              Children of Thomas SMITH and Jane LAIMBEER were - 
1. Thomas Richard b 1844 at South Creek m 1867 to Kazia COLLESS. Died 1918. 
2. Ellen b 1846 at Minchinbury m 1867 to James JOHNSTONE; and 1886 to George DEMPSEY. Died 1913 of gastritis. 
3. Eliza Jane b 1848 at Ropes Creek m 1867 to John THURSTON and 1894 to James PALMER. Died 1897 (consumption). 
4. William Augustus b 1850 at Ropes Creek m 1870 to Jane WALTERS; 1875 to Mary Molloy WICKHAM; 1886 to Mary Jane MURPHY and common law relationship c1883 to Mrs Ann Eliza LAWLER nee HEMSWORTH. Died at Colyton 1923 (asthma). 
5. Hannah Elizabeth b 1852 at Ropes Creek m 1870 to George Trotter EVANS. Died at Penrith 1881 (consumption). 
6. Sydney, b 1856 at Colyton m 1879 to Sarah HOCKEY; 1930 to Annie Marion SHAND. Died 1934 at Croydon. 
7. Mary Ann Laimbeer b 1858 at Colyton m 1883 to William G CLARK; 1890 to Alexander DUFF. Died 1941 at Cronulla. 
8. John Henry b 1861 in Colyton m 1881 to Laura Ada BARNETT. Died 1916 at Colyton. 
9. Sylvia b 1863 in Penrith m 1883 to William PLAYER. Died 1929 at Willoughby. 

RELIGION. The family were Anglican and attended church for many years at the now historical St Mary Magdalene's at St Marys. Two infants were buried in the churchyard in 1855 (James Henry) and 1867 (Euphemia Maud). Thomas and Jane Smith are also buried in a modest grave in the churchyard as well as two other sons, 1917 (John Henry) and 1923 (William Augustus) Smith. The church standing today is not the original one that was built by Governor King's family and named for their family church back in Launceston, Cornwall, England (and after which the district of St Marys is named), but a newer one that was built around the outside of the old church to cope with an increase in parisheners through the years. 
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